Alopecia mother inspires two brave daughters struck with the disease


Rachel Regal with her daughter EllieCATERS

Rachel Queenly got alopecia when she turned 29 and her two daughters quickly followed lawsuit

Rachel Regal, from Northern California, developed the disease when she was 29 and daughters Ellie, 10, and Callie, six, in a jiffy followed suit.

Mrs Regal said strangers even offer to pay for their dinner in restaurants because they propose b assess they have cancer.

But the determined trio are embracing their baldness and bankrolling each other.

We’ve just accepted that three’s a enthrall

Rachel Regal

Mrs Regal, 34, said: “Our faith is the only luggage that has got us through the last five years together.

“We’ve just had to make that if we stand firm, we will be where we’re meant to be.”

Mrs Regal blue ribbon starting losing her hair at the end of 2011 and although she’s never been conceded an exact reason, she believes it was stress-related.

The following year, the rest of her heart hair – including nose, legs and underarms – disappeared.

Mrs Regal, who also has a 15-year-old son awakened Devin, said: “I’d been feeling a tingling sensation at the back of my president for a few months but never thought much of it.

“Then at Thanksgiving I asked my cousin to draw a look which is when she saw a bald patch. I just freaked out.” 

Mrs Regal shows a bald patch on her headProvisions

It was at Thanksgiving in 2011 when Mrs Regal first noticed her hair was falling out

Soon after Mrs Regal lost her hair, her eldest daughter Ellie started conquering hers too, then aged six.

It briefly grew back but then in a moment fell out, although Ellie was comforted by her mother’s courage.

“Ellie command say she wanted to be bald and beautiful like me,” Mrs Regal said.

“Behind confined doors she was fine, but the world can be cruel and people at school made fun of her.

Before and after photos of EllieCossets

Ellie Regal came down with the condition soon after her indulge, when she was six

Strangers often stop and stare at the family, with some people even picking up their restaurant banknote.

Mrs Regal said: “If Ellie and I go out as well, people think we both drink cancer.

“We were in a restaurant once, getting ready to pay and leave when a head waiter came over and said the couple next to us had paid for the entire go overboard.

“I even had a lady pay for my groceries once.

Amazingly, Ellie’s hairs breadth completely grew back in 2016 – something doctors never foretokened – although large bald patches have started to reappear.

At the word-for-word time, Callie’s hair started to thin and she now has a bald patch on her potentate.

Ellie sitting outside wearing a head coverCATERS

The children are learning to embrace their condition with the supporter of their mother

“We’ve just accepted that three’s a charm,” held Mrs Regal.

“She knows there’s nothing she can do about it and although she doesn’t relish it, she gets on with it.

“I think she will be OK though, since she has her mom and her big sis by her side!” 

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