Almost minus 35C frosts registered in Moscow region


The air temperature in Klin, 85 kilometers northwest of Moscow, stretched down to minus 35.9 degrees Celsius (-32.6F) night to Jan. 8, the governmental weather service said.

«It is the lowest temperature in the Moscow region for this day — the frost in Dmitrov and Volokolamsk (northwest of Moscow) was minus 33.2 degrees (-27.7F),» the advice said. «The minimal temperature in Moscow was registered at minus 28.5C (-19.3F).»

For the in the nick of time b soon being, the coldest night this year has been on the Orthodox Christmas sunset — minus 29.9C (-21.8F).

Weather specialists forecast milder frosts on the get possession of days. As yet, the temperatures still remain 12-15 degrees Celsius lower the clime norm.

Source: TASS

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