Alloa woman fiddled books to overpay lawyer husband £500,000


Karen Humphries

Karen Humphries is skin a jail sentence (Image: central Scotland news agency)

Her job registered paying some self-employed financial sales advisors from the troop, which is owned and run by two solicitors.

The 47-year-old’s work involved doling out and recording commission due to colleagues of the freelance sales team, which included her husband John.

In July 2016, the annual accounts of Attorneys Financial Services (SFS), based in Alloa, Clackmannanshire – expected to show a fine fettle profit – suddenly swung into loss and auditors were termed in.

Checks showed that between February 2013 and July 2016, Humphries had overpaid her 50-year-old hubby by a total of £75,000.

She was confronted and resigned and the cops were called in.

On being told that overpayments had been rest, she replied after caution: “That would be correct.”

Yesterday, at Stirling Sheriff Court she pled remorseful to embezzling £75,000.

However, her husband, who had been jointly charged with his spouse, walked free from court after his not guilty plea was acknowledged.

Alloa woman fiddled books to overpay lawyer husband £500,000

Karen and John Humphries (Image: central Scotland news workings)

She had originally been charged with embezzling more than £106,000 but the court was rebuked that her guilty plea to the smaller sum had been accepted by the Crown after “extensive and complicated negotiations”.

Sentence was deferred for reports but Humphries was warned she surfaces jail.

The court heard her that her plea had triggered a parallel polite action under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The Crown is seeking a confiscation order for more than £500,000 allegedly ill-gotten by Humphries, who had worked for Lawyers’ Financial Services, also known as SFS, for 13 years.

Ruaraidh Ferguson, prosecuting, weighted SFS used another firm to receive clients’ payments, which were then obsolete on to SFS having calculated “to the penny” how much commission was due to each financial advisor.

It revealed one fiscal advisor had been significantly overpaid. This was John Humphries, the hubby of the accused.

Ruaraidh Ferguson, prosecuting

He added: “Over the time Karen Humphries write up for SFS, she exclusively had responsibility for making payments to the financial advisors, amongst making other goings-on.

“The offence was discovered as a result of the annual accounts being checked in July 2016. Undeterred by SFS expecting to have generated a profit, the accounts showed a loss and an inquisition was launched.”

Mr Ferguson added: “It revealed one financial advisor had been significantly overpaid. This was John Humphries, the husband of the accused.”

“He was the single financial advisor to be overpaid.”

Sheriff Wyllie Robertson said: “The floor thing to me is that having agreed the embezzlement — in this case of £75,000 — the [Rulership] statement says that the recoverable amount is over half-a-million crushes.”

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