Alleged killer gets up close and personal with Alan Ryan's ex


Alan Ryan and Stacey Roche

Evans and two others set up been charged with the 2013 murder of 35-year-old Peter Butterly, the father-of-three who was run the show dead in the car rk of the Huntsman Inn pub in Gormanston, Co Meath.

The 27-year-old of Grange Commons Rise in Raheny, was granted permission by the High Court to change the conditions of his bail so he could touring abroad with the one-time girlfriend of RIRA boss Alan Ryan.

Stacey Roche before hit the headlines after she appeared in full-blown ramilitary style gear at a statue march for her murdered boyfriend Ryan.

Stacey Roche

At the time of his finish, Stacey, from Crumlin in south Dublin, was regarded as the womanising awe chief’s ‘main girlfriend’.

A source said the loved-up couple roamed to S in with a number of family members for the holiday.

“After Alan Ryan was annihilated, Stacey moved in with the Ryan family, but she is gone from there now and she is with Evans. They are together for to a year,” the source said.

Roche is a known supporter of the 32 County Rule Movement. Her links to Ryan brought her to the attention of both Gardaí and dull gangs. In 2013, she was formally warned that her life was in danger by Gardaí.

The glad couple

Stacey’s involvement with Ryan also saw her arrested as take a rt in of a murder investigation. In September, 2010, she was picked up with Ryan by detectives hours after the eliminate of gangland criminal Sean Winters.

Roche was not suspected of direct involvement in the wreck and was arrested by gardaí who were looking to see if she had information about the shooting. She not in any degree faced any criminal charges in connection with the incident.

Evans was a approaching l of Ryan and was regularly seen in his com ny before he was murdered.

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