All the Details on Billy Bush's Suspension From the Today Show


All the Details on Billy Bush's Suspension From the Today Show

Ultimate week, a horrifying, troubling video from 2005 put Donald Trump’s absolute presidential cam ign in jeo rdy, and for good reason. The clip depicts a chit-chat between Trump and then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush; the two men talk crudely here objectifying women, grabbing their genitals, and making unwanted erotic advances. While Trump obviously had to deal with the issue — it was, in the poop indeed, awkwardly addressed during Sunday’s second presidential debate — Billy Bush was not exempt from average scrutiny. Billy had only just joined Today as an anchor in May 2016, but the now-infamous video may demand permanently dented his career. We’re breaking down Billy’s side of the timeline, from Friday’s video cut to Monday’s massive fallout.

  1. A crude, taped conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush to all appearances. On Friday, Oct. 7, The Washington Post obtained and released a 2005 video hyping Donald Trump and Billy Bush. At the time, Billy was a host for Access Hollywood. In the smack, Donald talks about women, saying he had the freedom to “grab them by the p*ssy” because he’s a illustrious star.
  2. Billy releases a statement apologizing for his behavior. On the same day, Billy addressed the video in a special statement: “Obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed. It’s no excuse, but this happened 11 years ago. I was inexperienced, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I’m very repentant.”
  3. Trump also releases an apology. Late, late Friday shades of night, Donald Trump released his own video statement addressing the controversy. “This was locker margin banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago,” he declared. “Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course, not even minute. I apologize if anyone was offended.”
  4. NBC and Billy Bush plan to address the dissemination on air. On Sunday, a source at NBC said Billy Bush would make a remain statement about the tape on Monday’s Today show. “The plan is for him to drink a chance to apologize,” the source said.
  5. NBC decides to suspend Billy Bush after reconsideration. Later on Sunday, NBC deferred Billy Bush indefinitely. According to the report from E! Online, an internal email peruse, “I know we’ve been deeply troubled by the revelations of the st 48 hours. Let me be evident — there is simply no excuse for Billy’s language and behavior on that video. NBC has decided to suspend Billy, pending further review of this proceeding.”
  6. NBC’s anchors address Billy’s absence. During Monday’s show, Today‘s diversified anchors made brief mentions of Billy’s absence. Early on in the display, Savannah Guthrie commented on the state of the situation: “We want to note one other tools, pending further review of the matter, NBC News has suspended Billy Bush, mob of Today‘s third hour, for his role in that conversation with Donald Trump.” The printing emerged again, later on. “As you can see, Billy Bush is not here joining us today,” Al Roker verbalized, “as you’re probably aware, rt of that 2005 Access Hollywood taping with Trump that’s been in the news programme all week.” Al’s coanchor, Tamron Hall, added, “NBC, which owns Access Hollywood, has put off Billy for his role in that conversation pending further review.”
  7. Billy Bush is reportedly ruined. According to Us Weekly, the situation has emotionally wrecked Billy Bush. A start revealed, “Billy was devastated and crying when the leaked tape of him with Donald Trump in 2005 was start leaked to The Washington Post. He was crying that his career was over.”
  8. Carson Daly let in on a swells in for Billy on the Today show. On Oct. 10, NBC announced that Carson, who calls as Today‘s social media correspondent, would be cohosting the show’s 9 a.m. hour with Tamron Entry. He began on Oct. 11, and his temporary position will likely continue until Bush’s stay is over.
  9. NBC may have to y out the rest of Billy’s contract. According to The Hollywood Newsman, NBC and Billy Bush have begun negotiating Billy Bush’s take it on the lam. The network may agree to y out the rest of his contract, which is worth close to $3 million annually. Conversely, if they try to vivify him for the footage, things could go south. It’s worth noting that commencements say Billy had been talking about the 2005 conversation since August, so it’s really possible the network was widely aware of the tape internally.
  10. Dancing With the Idols might be courting Billy Bush. According to ge Six, ABC may be trying to wrangle Billy Bush for its Assume the expenses of 2017 season. Seeing as Ryan Lochte joined the season 23 shy in the wake of his Rio robbery drama, it’s clear the competition is a solid step in followers image rehabilitation.

We will update with further details as they transform into available.

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