Alfie Evans update: ‘He could be in Italy already!’ Farage SLAMS ‘disgusting’ UK courts


The LBC ghetto-blaster host declared the “medical establishment” and “courts” a disgrace for “closing ranks”.

He imparted: “The parents of 23-month-old Alfie Evans have had their latest permissible challenge by court of appeal judges in London.

“The parents were call into doubting a ruling that they cannot take their son it Italy for treatment.

“Do you be familiar with, they turned off the life support machine yesterday, he could be struck by been in Italy by now.

“I’m not saying the treatment would have made but hey, shouldn’t parents have the right to make these decisions and not the medical shop closing ranks backed up by the court.

“I think the whole thing is scandalous.”

Tom Evans and Kate James wanted to move the 23-month-old from Liverpool’s Alder Hey Ladies’s Hospital to Rome.

Lawyers for the couple had urged judges to reconsider the containerize when Alfie kept breathing despite his life support being exterminated on Monday.

Alfie EvansPA • LBC

Alfie Evans: Nigel Farage said the way the establishment tease acted is disgraceful

They turned off the life support machine yesterday, he could arrange been in Italy by now

Nigel Farage

It follows a senior judge set in motion concerns about people in the position of Alfie Evans’s parents being powerless to getting bad advice.

Lord Justice McFarlane raised concern at a Court of Beguile hearing on Wednesday.

He said there was evidence that Tom Evans and Kate James had made decisions based on false advice.

The judge, who headed a panel of appeal judges considering Alfie’s specimen, said similar issues had arisen in other recent cases.

He held there was a “darker side” to some offers of support and suggested that some formulate of investigation should be staged.

At an earlier stage of Alfie’s case, a Extreme Court judge had criticised a law student who had advised the couple.

Mr Justice Hayden ordered the student had led Mr Evans to wrongly believe that he could walk out of Alder Hey medical centre with Alfie.

He said the student risked being jailed for loathing of court.

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