Alfie Evans NEW HOPE: Terminal tot given Italian citizenship for special treatment


Alfie EvansAlfies Army/Facebook/PA

Alfie Evans has been assigned Italian citizenship

Italy’s Foreign Ministry said it hopes the outcome will pave the way for the 23-month-old to be “immediately transferred” to Europe.

An official account from the ministry said: “Ministers Alfano and Minniti have bestowed Italian citizenship to little Alfie.

“In this way the Italian government assumptions that being an Italian citizen will allow the child urgent transfer to Italy.”

Alfie’s parents were left heartbroken after a purpose taken by the European Court of Human Rights rejected a last-ditch request to keep the toddler alive.

Doctors at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital say it is in Alfie’s A-one interests to stop life support.

But Alfie’s dad Tom Evans has vowed to carry on with fighting the decision.

But speaking outside the hospital in Liverpool, Mr Evans suggested: “I’m stood here now and Alfie is still here.

“Why? Because I’m still tussle for him, I’m still fighting and so is Alfie .

“I have been in touch with the Papal nuncio of Italy.

“My son belongs to Italy. I love  and I love Kate, I will not allow up.”

Alife Evans's parents, Tom Evans and Kate JamesPA

Alfie’s parents, Tom Evans and Kate James

Alfie’s parents, who are both from Liverpool, acquire been fighting a long-running legal battle to keep their son packed.

The toddler suffers from an unknown neurological condition which has left-wing him with severe brain injuries that cause him to remain in a “vegetative brilliance”.

However, it is not clear if Alfie’s new dual-citizenship will allow his parents to perform him to Rome without the permission of doctors.

After learning of the news from the Italian Extraneous Ministry, Alife’s father, Tom Evans, posted to the Alfie’s Army Facebook assemblage.

Protestors outside Alder Hey hospital todayPA

Protestors tried to storm the doors of Alder Hey hospital earlier today

Mr Evans travelled to Rome eventually week in the hope Alfie can be moved to a children’s hospital in the Italian top-hole so he can continue to receive palliative care.

Mr Evans met with Pope Francis and drove the religious leader to save his son.

Around 200 members of the so-called Alfe’s Army concocted a protest outside Alder Hey earlier today.

A small number of the dispose attempted to storm the doors of the hospital, forcing officers to block the doors to curb the protestors from getting inside.

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