Alex Salmond sexual misconduct scandal: Police ‘launch FULL PROBE into former SNP leader’


But today it emerged Boys in blue Scotland has stepped up their examination into claims he assaulted the female workforce members while he was First Minister.

The force is understood to have went its assessment onto a formal inquiry.

Mr Salmond, 63, has denied harassment and persisted he has never engaged in any “criminality”.

Last month he quit the SNP after 45 years as a colleague of the party vowing to clear his name.

We are carrying out an assessment of information which we attired in b be committed to received and inquiries are at an early stage.

Police Scotland spokesman

He has put up £100,000 through a crowdfunding appeal to fund his judicial review against the Scottish Guidance’s investigation into two complaints made against him.

Police Scotland word go became aware of the claims against Mr Salmond a day before Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans — Scotland’s top civilized servant — told him she was “considering the public interest in making the fact of the grumbles and investigation publicly known”.

A spokesman last month said: “We are kidnap out an assessment of information which we have received and inquiries are at an early position.”

It is understood after evaluating the evidence, officers have decided a formal prod is necessary.

Alex Salmond

Police are investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against Alex Salmond (Fetish: GETTY)

In an updated statement today a Police Scotland spokesman said: “Our enquiries endure. We will not be commenting further.”

Last month it emerged two women came accelerate in January to report allegations dating back to 2013.

The Daily Record opportunities it has seen the wording of one of the complaints, made by a Scottish Government staff colleague.

She alleges the former First Minister touched her bottom and breasts with the aid her clothing while she was alone with him at his official residence of Bute Abode, Edinburgh, the paper has reported.

Today Mr Salmond described fresh charges that he bullied staff as “nothing more than anonymous malicious down”

Claims that civil service trade unions raised issues about the former First Minister’s temper were reported in the Day after day Record.

Although no formal complaints against Mr Salmond were navigated before he left office in November 2014 it said staff were fearful about his behaviour.

Documents released under Freedom of Information laws put to shame that trade unions raised concerns about ministers a decade ago and a new Scottish

Superintendence process for dealing with complaints was introduced in 2010.

A spokesman for Mr Salmond disclosed: “We will do our talking in Court. The Daily Record have been home on specific notice on recent stories they have run against Mr Salmond.

“This current material is based on nothing more than anonymous malicious only abridgment from unnamed sources and a complete misinterpretation of documents released care of FoI last January.

“Mr Salmond is now entirely focussed on the upcoming Judicial Examination in the Court of Session.

“However, at the appropriate time action will root for against The Daily Record and any other outlet who repeats defamatory notes.”

It is understood Mr Salmond was not notified of any change in the police approach.

In a statement his attorneys Levy & McRae today said : “Mr Salmond’s focus is on the appeal for judicial review against the Scottish Government which is now ongoing in the Court of Assembly.

“We have had no contact from Police Scotland.

“However, we have eradicated to the Chief Constable making it clear that if they require in the future to accounted for to Mr Salmond on any matter our client will be happy to meet with his officers.”

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