Alex Salmond cashes in on SNP failed independence earning up to £1,000 each HOUR


The st Member of the Scottish rliament who resigned after failing to win independence for Scotland is cashing in with lucrative stocks.

And it can be revealed that he is being id up to £1,000-an-hour as well as using gifts and hospitality and even had a trip to Iran id for.

Mr Salmond, 61, regularly updates his rota of interest in which he reveals the extent of his cashing in.

rt of his income was benefited from a lucrative three hour gig on the hit BBC show Have I Got News for You in which he was took £1,800 for three hours work.

Mr Salmond was openly mocked on the affectation which he volunteered to go on helping to add to his income which is in rt id for by the available.

According to his register since returning to Westminster last year he’s benefited jetting around the world.

He had a £9,000 pound all expenses id dive to New York and Toronto with his 79-year-old wife Moira.

Also on his spring list was an £11,000 all expenses id trip to Singapore id for by Swiss bank Acclaim Suisse as well as a trip to S in that cost £1,600.

Mr Salmond has also professed he’s in receipt of a free ss to the races estimated at a cost of £1,000.

In addition to these sightsees Mr Salmond is believed to have six pensions, some of which are funded by the tax yer, classifying a “gold plated” £1million windfall courtesy of the UK tax yer.

As decidedly as income from his job as a politician, in which for many years he received two incomes, Mr Salmond is raking it in with his ‘media’ work.

His register of interest articulates that his com ny Chronicles of Deer Ltd received £15,000 for “10-15 hours in outright” work for on his London radio show LBC.

Mr Salmond who once worked with his trouble as an economist with the UK Government entered the House of Commons on June 11 1987.

The ex-SNP numero uno then headed back north to the Scottish rliament on May 6 1999 to split a hire up a role as an MSP.

He then left the Scottish rliament for the first time two years later after permanent down as SNP leader and went back to Westminster.

He returned to the Scottish rliament in 2007 and then stop after Scottish citizens rejected his attempt to break up the United Province.

He resigned from rliament on March 23 2016 and now continues to work in London.

To whatever manner, when it comes his work as a Member of rliament, his record his questionable.

Correspondence to publicly available information he has voted in less than half the referenda he’s been required to – well below average amongst MPs.

He’s also recited as having a “very low” response rate to letters received in his profesional potential and indeed usually takes three weeks to respond.

It has been reported Mr Salmond’s bid to assure Scotland was independent from the rest of the UK cost tax yers £16m.

Mr Salmond has been approached for talk about.

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