Aldi reveals how holidaymakers can save up 459 per cent on RIP-OFF airline food


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Aldi revealed how travellers can save themselves a fortune by swapping airline nourishment for their meals

Aldi released the findings ahead of the busiest journeys day of the year, which is Friday 21st July.

The supermarket compared their grub to that found on airlines such as EasyJet and British Airways.

The Aldi Edibles to Go range starts at 85p for an egg and cress or cheese and onion sandwich, whilst past comprehension filled sandwiches such as BLT and chicken and bacon cost £1.69.

The retailer set sandwiches on certain airlines cost up to £4.75, meaning a round of sandwiches for a household of four costs nearly £20.

Our delicious Food to Go range, at unbeatable prices, have in views families can make savings on their lunch – which can be put towards handles on holiday instead

Tony Baines, Aldi

And those wanting a side with their sarnie also be biased to face high prices.

Aldi discovered crisps on some airlines are priced at £1.80 per rucksack, 50 per cent more than their own hand cooked crisps at 79p.

Tony Baines, Cooperative Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi UK, said: “Convenience doesn’t necessity to come at such a burden for families. Our delicious Food to Go range, at unsurpassable prices, means families can make savings on their lunch – which can be put toward treats on holiday instead. That’s what Aldi Everyday Surprising is all about.”

Many travellers don’t realise they can Singapore Airlines, First Class


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Singapore Airlines, Before Class

It can be hard to find out what is allowed through on hand-luggage, as multitudinous airports aren’t explicit about what can legally be taken because of.

Anything that could constitute a solid can be brought through with hand-luggage.

A spokesman for Luton Airport guaranteed that any solids such as sandwiches, crackers, crisps and chocolate are approved through.

Items that travellers are regularly caught out on include upsets of Marmite or jams, which are considered liquids.

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Airlines are increasingly cycle back on free food, forcing customers to spend a fortune in preference to

However, if taking a liquid such as soup or a yoghurt, then it bequeath need to be under the 100ml limit.

This means with some particular planning, travellers can buy their meals ahead of time and avoid attired in b be committed to to pay the high prices at airports in the UK.

However, travellers should take note of where they are deplaning, as certain countries can give a hefty fine if some foods are put oned over.

Countries such as Australia and New Zealand have strict regulations when it separate to bringing external food such as fruit or dairy products into the mountains.