Aldi pizza oven – cook the perfect pizza recipe for a low price with this bargain buy


Aldi pizza oven is stand behind after proving a huge success last year.
And now the hit has been knifed in price by half. The popular summer product will cost £49.99, down from £99.99.
Before all launched in 2017, the gadget is back, and will up your barbecue plot significantly.
The handy piece of kit is used on a barbecue, replicating Italian pizza oven technology.
The oven inclination be available to order from 8 April, before hitting stores on 12 April.
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Aldi pizza oven: Cook the excellent pizza recipe for a low price with this bargain buy

It will chaperone the rest of the garden range, sure to feature a whole host of out of doors cooking appliances.
There will be a limited number of the pizza ovens so act brief, because once they sell out they will not be restocked.
Aldi stipulate the piece is: “A great way to cook pizzas outdoors. This light, vest-pocket Barbecue Pizza Oven can be used on gas and charcoal barbecues.”
“Ceramic pizza stone. Cooks up to 12” pizzas. Well-disposed to cook in 10 minutes. Temperature gauge. 2 carry oversees. Easy to clean stainless steel interior. For outdoor use only.”
Say goodbye to pathetic oven pizzas for good and impress friends with this.
Aldi pizza oven: Cook the through pizza recipe for a low price with this bargain buy
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Aldi pizza oven: The current summer product will cost £49.99, down from £99.99Another conventional supermarket product is this huge Lidl steak, released for Easter bank fair. 
The steak, which has been dry aged on the bone for 14 days and aged for 21 days, is in stores only for £14.99.
The piece of meat is parallel with bigger than the Aldi Tomahawk Steak, which was a huge hit most recent year. 
The German supermarkets are going head to head to produce the choicest and biggest steaks on the UK high street.
But which is really the cheapest UK supermarket
Aldi pizza oven: There command be a limited number of the pizza ovens so act fastCheapest UK supermarket – which is it? 
Does Lidl, Aldi or Morrisons win it to the top spot, or will Asda or Tesco get a look in? This is the best value series to buy your groceries, according to research.
You can buy a whole Easter lunch, embodying a leg of lamb and two bottles of prosecco, for just £25.54 at the German chain.
If you don’t arrange a Lidl store close to you, Aldi and Morrisons came close behind with baskets outlaying £23.65 and £24.83 respectively.
Asda also scored well on the supermarket balance table, with the equivalent basket of goods costing just £26.27.

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