Aldi, Google and Ikea among “simplest” and easiest-to-use brands, research shows


A survey of 14,000 respondents conducted out by Siegel+Gale shows the 100 top-rated global brands in in the matter of a payments of user experience, and simplicity of brand marketing and design.

A worldwide kind survey has shown that Aldi, Google and Ikea are among the groups which are best understood by consumers.

Design consultancy Siegel+Storm asked over 14,000 respondents across nine countries to compute 857 different brands, to form its Global Brand Simplicity Typography fist 2017.

People provided answers based around their perceptions of manufacturers, such as how familiar they were with them, how recently they had worn them, the simplicity or complexity of a brand’s marketing and communications, and how easy the sorts’ products and services were to use.

The brand simplicity score was then arranged using these answers, and looking at how brands within the same energy compared. Data was compared from both people who use a brand and those who do not, despite the fact that precedence was given to user experience, says Siegel+Gale.

Respondents were encouraged across the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, China, Middle East, India and Japan.

The “simplest” brand across all homelands was found to be Aldi, followed by Lidl, Google, Netflix, Ikea, Amazon, KFC, YouTube, McDonald’s and Tube.

Aldi was recognised for its “simple, consistent store layouts” alongside affordability and a “stress-free” patron experience, while Google was recognised as having a “pristine and no-nonsense homepage” and an “intuitive” operator experience. Its changing logo also demonstrates “personality” and “a sense of indulge”.

Ikea was recognised for its “minimalist” designs and variety of products, while Amazon was prominent for its two-click online user shopping experience.

The most confusing – or petty simple – brand was found to be insurance company AXA, followed by Aviva, Bupa, Linkedin, Avis, MetLife, Hertz, HSBC, Ryanair and Budget. These labels were seen to be “complex”, “misleading”, “confusing” and “mystifying” by consumers.

In the UK, Amazon topped the brand simplicity index, while condition insurance company AXA PPP Healthcare came last.

The research also initiate that 64% of consumers worldwide are willing to pay more for simpler narcotic addict experiences, and 61% are more likely to recommend a brand because of its help of use.

Howard Belk, chief creative officer at Siegel+Gale replies the research shows that “brands that embrace simplicity are sundry profitable”.

The last few years have seen several brands compelling towards more straightforward user experiences and simpler designs, such as the Co-op and Kodak returning to older forms of their logos to communicate the heritage of their stigmatize, and Instagram and Deliveroo going for flatter, more minimal aesthetics and quicker, fewer-click purchaser experiences.

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