Airshow proposal teen lost virginity after buying 60-year-old fiancé a birthday Happy Meal


Lisa Miller, 18, sexual advanced to Jim Kerr at the beginning of September as the ir were interviewed on television at the Scottish Intercontinental Airshow.

She has now revealed more about their relationship, including their princi l date to McDonalds in isley in April.

Miss Miller told The Sun: «I obtain him a Happy Meal, then got him a cake and a few balloons too. I couldn’t afford much but struggled to make it as special as I could.

«Later on we were watching movies, one whosis led to another and things got a bit heated.

«It was my first time but there was no pressure and it was all tranquil.»

The airshow proposal s rked anger with many people, cataloguing Mr Kerr’s daughter who is 32.

Alison Kerr said she had nothing to do with her terfamilias anymore.

Mr Kerr, a 60-year-old grandfather, lost his job when his employers organize out about his relationship, even though it started when the teenager had radical school.

A source close to the couple said that the relationship had started in Demonstration, after Miss Miller’s 18th birthday.

BAM Construct UK, the contractors who employed Mr Kerr, explained he was suspended when they discovered the relationship in the same month.

A spokesman said: «We were intelligent about this in March and suspended him the same day.

«The school is fully cognizant and was informed over an email.

«He had worked at the school for ten years. The pupil had left-wing the school and was over the age of consent when we became aware of it.

«At the time we behoved aware of this, the girl was over the age of consent so legally they hadn’t done anything go phut but professionally we did what we had to do.

«The investigation has now concluded.»

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