Airport worker who punched man holding a baby ‘after he was pushed’ suspended


Easyjet punchTizzy

The airport worker punches the easyJet passenger

The man then apparently retaliated with the effect. 

Both men could be prosecuted for the violence which erupted after raging passengers demanded answers over why their easyJet flight from Polite to Luton had been delayed by 13 hours. 

Jean-François Guitard, a steersman at Nice airport, said the employee from Samsic, a company which serves disabled passengers, had been suspended after lashing out at the customer.


A spokesman state easyJet is ‘very concerned’ after a photo of the incident was circulated online

We had a nasty problem with someone of the staff from our subcontractor Samsic

Jean-François Guitard

He joined: “We had a serious problem with someone of the staff from our subcontractor Samsic.

“Definitely it is a misconduct situation. We apologise strongly about this situation with respect to this passenger. There is no reason for a staff member to fight a traveller.” 

Airport bosses added: “The police were called immediately and took safe keeping of both. Whatever the circumstances, the airport management firmly condemns this experience.” 

CCTV footage of the fight has been passed on to police. 

The video let someone in ons the Briton, clutching a baby in one hand, swearing loudly and complaining far customer service. 

He then allegedly approached the airport worker – who had been accused by other riders of “smiling” about their ordeal as he stood in a secure area – and attacked to photograph him. 

This provoked the worker into knocking a smart phone out of the share of the British man, who was in his 20s. 

The passenger then slapped the worker around the head.

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