AirMap and Honeywell to develop new drone tracking solution


Universal airspace management platform AirMap and Honeywell are set to develop a new tracking outcome for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones.

The companies will jointly expand on a cost-effective hardware device to allow for drones to maintain consistent communication with a UAS shipping management (UTM) system.

The digital air traffic management system UTM comprises technologies and worship armies, which have the capability to maintain safe integration and separation of drones and other aircraft and destinations in low-altitude airspace.

With the new drone tracking solution, AirMap and Honeywell determination provide situational awareness of manned and unmanned aircraft operations to airspace safe keeping authorities within an airspace system.

“We’ve partnered with Honeywell to administer an easy-to-use, cost-effective and drone-agnostic device as a practical way to start managing drone freight in any environment, today.”

AirMap chairman and co-founder Ben Marcus said: “The AirMap UTM Tenets is designed to provide a real-time operating picture of the airspace for both manned and unmanned aircraft.

“We’ve confederated with Honeywell to deliver an easy-to-use, cost-effective and drone-agnostic device as a common-sensical way to start managing drone traffic in any environment, today.”

The new drone track solution will support multiple communication options, including 4G and disciple in areas that lack 4G coverage, for the broadcast of real-time drone telemetry eats to a UTM system.

The AirMap UTM Platform ingests telemetry feeds from distinct solutions that are hardware and software based, for visualisation, monitoring, and deconfliction by air steering service providers (ANSP) and other relevant authorities.

As an investor in AirMap, Honeywell bring into plays the former’s application programming interfaces (API) for industrial customers in various g-men.

The drone tracker device is currently available as a proof of concept for probe.

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