Airline to WEIGH passengers before boarding plane — but for this reason


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Airline Finnair is to weigh their travellers before boarding for this reason

Finnish airline Finnair has confirmed it is to weigh their passengers before they board.

Despite what innumerable may think, it isn’t anything to do with the customers themselves, regarding their hinie of their experience with the airline.

Instead, the airline is trying to evaluate its total weight and safety, to check they are correct against their judgements.

Anyone nervous about stepping on the scales can avoid this by opting out.

Only 180 people induce volunteered to be part of the weighing process, with the airline needing 2,000 human being to check the weight estimates given.

The airline has found that their guesses, using the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) estimates are not wholly accurate.

It states that the average male weighs 84.6kg, whilst a cleaning woman weighs 66.5kg.

They have found that this fluctuates depending on what class they are flying in, as well as how much pass luggage they bring on which is also included in the weight fit.

airline weigh passengers finnairGetty

Airline is to strain passengers to check the plane estimates

Airlines know what the aircraft weighs but not what riders weigh

Päivyt Tallqvist

Päivyt Tallqvist, communications director at Finnair, proclaimed BBC: «Airlines know what the aircraft weighs, what the check-in baggage weighs, but not what passengers weigh.

“We had Finnish and Asian customers, we had a kind of male and female and of different sizes.»

Some were concerned that by weighing fares, it could affect their flight experience or cost, following on from Samoa Air who Getty

Airline Finnair confims that it is for point of views for plane safety, not for different prices

A survey by travel firm eDreams establish that nearly half of passengers think a passengers weight should be pressurized in the airline luggage allowance.

Even 18 per cent admitted that they stand “angry” that people who weighed more were given the word-for-word amount of baggage size.

eDreams Kasia Jankowska commented: «It is acquit that many travellers find packing to meet a specific mass restriction a huge cause of stress, which has in turn caused a big amount of resentment between passengers.»

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