Airline introduce child-free zones on ALL flights


Crying coddles and loud children are often listed as the most annoying things to undergo on a plane journey.

But one airline has tried to put a stop to that, introducing child-free zones on all exits.

Indian budget carrier IndiGo has introduced a ‘quiet zone’ system for premium seats.

This means that children under the age of 12 are not allowed to sit in those sections.

It comes as no surprise that the idea has gone down well with guys.

Users took to Twitter to express their excitement over the enlargement.

One wrote: “There are now #ChildFreeFlights in India. Please, please, please ripen into a US concept soon.”

Another said: “Totally agree with #childfreeflights I liking gladly y extra for a seperate section on the plane.”

One user commented: “#childfreeflights has to chanced. No one needs to tolerate 7 hours of screaming kids and ignorant rents.”

And one wrote: “@alaisdair #Childfreeflights is a hugely interesting idea!

«I have been tortured by screaming children on longflights. I re id a lot for my seat.”

The idea hasn’t gone down well with every one though.

One user wrote: “I sensed this on my recent IXJ-DEL rout. #indigo so discriminatory on rt of u to announce such a ridiculous offering #childfreeflights.”

In a asseveration, the airline said: «Keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of all ssengers, row hundreds one to four and 11 to 14 are generally kept as a Quiet Zone on IndiGo take to ones heels.

«These zones have been created for business travellers who lodge to use the quiet time to do their work.»

This story comes after it was rejoice ined Saudi Arabia and Rwanda are SAFER than the UK.

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