Airbus to build demonstrator for Europe’s GOVSATCOM programme

Airbus to build demonstrator for Europe’s GOVSATCOM programme

Airbus has secured a constrict from the European Space Agency (ESA) to build a demonstrator for the proposed European Governmental Lieutenant Communications (GOVSATCOM) programme.

Supported by the European Commission, European Safeguard Agency (EDA) and ESA, the programme is scheduled to be launched by 2020 and seeks to offer sheltered satellite communication services to major countries, organisations and operators.

The GOVSATCOM recital is initially expected to focus on the pooling and sharing of communication capabilities of management and operational commercial satellites.

Divided into two parts, the newly conferred contract will be valid for two years.

During the first part of the trade, Airbus will produce a system to demonstrate the dynamic sharing of retainer capabilities.

Belgium-based Newtec’s Dialog technology will be used to expose the core of the ground system, which will be installed at the Airbus install in Toulouse, France.

“The GOVSATCOM programme is initially expected to focus on the bringing and sharing of communication capabilities of government and operational commercial satellites.”

The set-up will be operated by various European government organisations to conduct abroad operations.

In the second part of the contract, further technological development commitment be carried out to improve the performance of the Newtec Dialog platform.

According to Airbus, the calculate aims to receive all the possible benefits by pooling various capabilities for next-generation governmental followers.

The demonstrator is expected to allow mobile users to switch transparently from one attendant beam to another without compromising the confidentiality of their operations.

Airbus protected the contract after participating in two design studies conducted between 2015 and this year on behalf of ESA and EDA singly.

The studies aimed to define and quantify the nature of the European government alcohols’ needs, as well as evaluate various technologies and architectures of the GOVSATCOM outline.

Advantages of the ‘pooling and sharing’ model were also examined in the cons.

Image: Airbus’ site in Toulouse, France, will house the range segment of GOVSATCOM demonstrator. Photo: courtesy of Airbus-Satcom.

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