Airbus selects Stratasys to 3D-printed polymer serial flying parts for A350 XWB aircraft


Airbus has preferred Stratasys Direct Manufacturing to manufacture 3D-printed polymer components for its A350 XWB aircraft production.

As part of the arrangement, Stratasys will employ its FDM technology and ULTEM 9085 facts to 3D-print non-structural parts, including brackets, and other components tempered to for system installation.

The 3D-printed parts will enable Airbus to accomplish enhanced supply chain flexibility and cost-competitiveness.

The company will also be expert to reduce material consumption and waste.

“Our expertise in building parts in readiness for installation on the aircraft, along with our unique process controls and property procedures, will allow Airbus to improve competitiveness leveraging on the technological benefits of 3D printing.”

In addition, Stratasys will be able to print and hand out various parts on demand to Airbus, bringing improved reactivity, failing turnaround times and reduced inventory costs.

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing CEO Joe Allison symbolized: “Our expertise in building parts ready for installation on the aircraft, along with our together process controls and quality procedures, will allow Airbus to fix up competitiveness leveraging on the technical benefits of 3D-printing.”

In 2014, Stratasys’ ULTEM 9085 figures had been qualified for applications in the production of flying components on Airbus aircraft.

Up to date week, the company announced that its new 3D printing solution for certifiable aircraft core components was selected by China-based Western Tool & Mold.

Western Machine & Mold will use Stratasys’ Fortus 900mc aircraft interiors (AI) certification settlement to produce aircraft cabin components that meet the US Federal Aviation Supervision (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification requirements.

Clone: Additive manufacturing takes flight with 3D-printed bracketing for the Airbus A350, yielded by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing. Photo: courtesy of Stratasys.

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