Airbus completes hot weather test of A350-1000 aircraft


Airbus has achieved a series of hot weather tests of its A350-1000 aircraft at Al Ain International Airport in the UAE.

The MSN065 A350-1000 investigation aircraft was used to conduct the tests, during which it underwent limits weather conditions at temperatures higher than 40°C.

The tests were usually conducted to check aircraft system behaviour with a focus on the shanty, including its cooling performance on-ground.

The tests have also certified the aircraft’s maturity and readiness to operate in hot weather conditions.

«Set to enter into amenities by the last quarter of this year, the aircraft has already secured 211 substantiated orders from 12 customers worldwide.»

Representing the latest adding up to Airbus’ A350 XWB family, the A350-1000 is a mid-size long-range aircraft and is masterly of offering improved operating efficiency, low noise and better long-range faculty.

Powered by Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 engines, the aircraft includes a amended wing trailing-edge, new six-wheel main landing gears.

The A350-1000 also call attention ti the same fuel-efficiency and cabin comfort of original A350-900 family aircraft. It is also modeled to offer extra comfort to customers flying on long-haul routes.

Set to log into service by the last quarter of this year, the aircraft has already steadied 211 confirmed orders from 12 customers worldwide.

In May, the A350-1000 settled its first ‘Early Long Flight’ with 310 passengers on-board, counting ten Airbus flight test crew members and 13 Virgin Atlantic chalet crew.

The 12h flight enabled Airbus to assess cabin environment and processes in-flight, as well as optimise cabin procedures.

Image: A350-1000 aircraft at Al Ain Intercontinental Airport in the UAE. Photo: courtesy of Airbus.

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