Air New Zealand and Zephyr Airworks partner on air taxi


Air New Zealand has dispose ofed a deal with Zephyr Airworks to bring autonomous electric air cab services to New Zealand.

Zephyr currently operates Cora, an autonomous charged aircraft, in New Zealand. It was developed by Zephyr’s parent company Kitty Hawk with the aim of disburdening traffic congestion on roads and offering a cleaner energy solution for air treks.

Unveiled around six months ago, Cora has so far completed seven hundred bolting tests across the globe.

Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon said: “Zephyr Airworks is best the way in re-defining personal mobility to make it easier for all of us to get around. Zephyr Airworks’ innovative technology and commitment to New Zealand be them an ideal partner for advancing the future of travel in New Zealand.

“Both throngs see the potential for our airspace to free people from the constraints of traffic and its associated sexually transmitted, economic and environmental impacts.

“Through the development of their autonomous charged air taxi Cora, the possibility of getting from A to B quickly and safely, and also disburdening the impact of polluting emissions, is very real indeed.”

“Through the increment of their autonomous electric air taxi Cora, the possibility of getting from A to B without delay and safely, and also relieving the impact of polluting emissions, is very existent indeed.”

According to Luxon, the  agreement marks the beginning of a long-term partnership with Zephyr.

Zephyr Airworks chief president Fred Reid said: “With our aircraft Cora, we are building on eight years of explore, development and leading 21st century technology.

“We are applying everything that revolutionised the sphere of communications to transport, we are showing people what is possible.

“There is also the long-term productive and environmental advantages that will benefit future generations.”

Zephyr is also elaborate with regulatory agencies, the New Zealand government, wider community and other people to make everyday flight a reality nationwide and worldwide.

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