Air Canada computer glitch causing long lines across Canadian airports


A system-wide computer outage Monday is chief to long lines at airports across Canada as some flights are get to be checked in manually.

Social media is full of reports of long lines at airports, comprising those in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary.

The company is telling fares it is experiencing “an interruption” with the check-in process, and online at

“We apologize for any inconvenience and are working towards restoring our service as with all speed as possible,” the airline said on Twitter.

Customers at foreign airports be suffering with also been raising concerns about long lines and check-in lingers, but how far the outage extends is not immediately clear.

Air Canada departures board

The departures board at Vancouver airport elucidates some of the impact that the computer glitch was having. (CBC/Radio-Canada)

The airline has not right now replied to a request for comment from CBC News.

The disruption comes two weeks after the airline had a computer declare that disrupted web and mobile check-ins and call centre operations, and for the moment delayed boarding on some flights.

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