‘Aim high!’ May’s trade message to ministers Brexit ‘War Cabinet’


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The attitude to Britain’s future ties with the EU is already dividing the Cabinet

The Prime On’s message is thought to have been a warning to her closest ministers that she expects them to do ones daily dozen hard during EU talks over a post-Brexit trade deal, and not bow down to EU desires without negotiations.

The group, which has been dubbed the ‘Brexit War Ministry’ and includes Chancellor Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Setting Secretary Michael Gove, began discussing options for the future UK-EU relationship in a Downing Avenue meeting which lasted a little more than an hour and a half.

And the see ti present at the meeting were reportedly divided over how the UK should advance negotiations about post-Brexit relations.

Mr Gove, Mr Johnson, Trade Secretary Liam Fox and the new Advocacy Secretary Gavin Williamson are believed to be among those pushing for Britain to “split” from the EU rules and regulations and allow Britain to forge new trade reckon withs with the rest of the world.

On the other side of the debate were ministers including Accessible Secretary Amber Rudd and Mr Hammond, who both backed Remain in ultimate year’s referendum, who are believed to be keener on closer “alignment” with Brussels to confirm the UK retains close ties with the EU.

While ministers did not come an unanimity on a position, there was talk of “gradual divergence” to slowly move the UK away from EU laws after Brexit and the conclusion of a later implementation period in 2021.

A Cabinet source told the Telegraph the “majority” of those award, who also included Damian Green, David Davis and Greg Clark, were behind the concept of “gradual divergence” – as opposed to a sudden change.

Ministers approval more divergence were reportedly pleased with the outcome of the union.

The source said: “The divergence group of ministers were happy with the assembly. They felt it was positive.

“There was a feeling in the room that the more than half of those present were leaning towards the divergence that Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Liam Fox countered the flag for.”

The “end state” of Britain’s EU exit will also be discussed in utmost Cabinet on Tuesday but it is thought it will take several meetings for the Regime to come to a final decision.

‘Aim high!’ May’s trade message to ministers Brexit 'War Cabinet'EPA

Tory Party splits on how Britain should give up the EU could upset Brexit progress

And today’s war Cabinet meeting came gruffly before Theresa May addressed MPs for the first time since the EU27 leaders go together enough progress had been made during the first phase of Brexit talks to acknowledge talks to move onto the future EU-UK relationship.

She told MPs her beforehand priority, ensuring a reciprocal agreement on citizens’ rights, had been achieved.

The Prime Emissary also confirmed the divorce bill, which at one point was reported to be numerous than £100million, will be £35-£39billion after she handled to bring the figure down – the equivalent of around four years of EU membership.

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