AIGA campaign looks to tackle lack of women in design leadership roles


The Double-barrelled or Nothing initiative will see best practice guidelines that model businesses worldwide can stick to, with the aim of breaking down career making barriers for women.

The AIGA has set in motioned a campaign that looks to double the number of women in design administration roles in the US, with plans to expand the initiative globally.

The Double or Nothing toss ones hat in the ring is part of the American Institute for Graphic Arts (AIGA)’s Women Present Initiative, which looks to celebrate women in design and encourage their pursuit progression.

The campaign has been backed by global design consultancies embracing Pentagram, Lippincott, IBM and Blue State Digital, and looks to tackle the in point of fact that only 11% of design leadership roles in the US are held by lady-loves, with the AIGA citing “promotion, pay and retention” as limiting issues for female plotters.

Lynda Decker, founder at Decker Design and co-chair of the AIGA’s Chambermaids Lead Initiative Committee, says: “Once in the workplace, particularly after five-to-10 years, there is a be without of mentorship, celebration of female work, support for mothers and equal pay. At this federal of their career, women often do not feel empowered to negotiate pay and the postulate they deserve, or are reluctant to ask for guidance – we want that to end.”

A brand individuality and website for Double or Nothing has now launched, designed by Pentagram partner Emily Oberman. The oneness features a blue and white colour palette, with the campaign specify identify set in an all-caps, sans-serif typeface, alternating between filled-in text and verse with an outline, as well as regular text and mirrored, upside-down wording.

The website also takes on this style, alongside yellow and orange sack shadows appearing when users hover their cursor throughout menu options. The website is relatively bare, prompting users to suffice for a question when they land on the homepage about the number of female organize leaders. The site then encourages them to submit their count particulars to join the campaign and pledge support.

The campaign is looking to recruit assorted and more individuals and companies through its website, with the aim of eventually representation up a list of design businesses that have pledged to work for “inclusivity and balance”, says Oberman.

IBM, a partner on the initiative, will ultimately develop a set of written commitments and best practices for design companies to accept, which aim to speed up career progression for female designers.

While the snap has been founded by a US organisation, the global design consultancies involved such as Pentagram and Lippincott aim to use the overpower practice guidelines in their UK offices and other international locations. AIGA points for the campaign to expand globally in the future.

For more information, head to the Spit or Nothing site, or follow the organisation on Twitter with #AIGAwomenlead and #DoubleOrNothingAiga. To inquire regarding how your business can get involved, contact [email protected]

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