AIAC unveils ‘Vision 2025’ for Canadian aerospace sector


Aerospace Activities Association of Canada (AIAC) has launched ‘Vision 2025: Beyond our Minds eye’ initiative to support growth and investment in the country’s aerospace industry.

Latest Quebec premier Jean Charest will lead the initiative, which foci to begin a new dialogue between industry, government, public, and other stakeholders to compose a future course of action for Canada’s aerospace sector.

Vision 2025 is keep in viewed to provide a platform for the industry leaders, educators, government representatives, and communities to dole out their expertise, vision and ambitions on the related sectors.

AIAC also envisages to reach out to government and industry members during the remaining part of this year and next year, while Charest on lead discussions in a number of Canadian cities with a strong attendance in aerospace, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Halifax.

A report leave be compiled on the basis of these discussions and others activities to set priorities for a country-wide aerospace strategy.

Charest said: “Canadian aerospace plays a vital role in the economic health of our nation.

“Vision 2025 will confirm that the industry, which spans civil aviation, defence and duration, works together with government and communities to ignite Canadian novelty, trade, jobs and prosperity for years to come.”

“Vision 2025 will secure that the industry, which spans civil aviation, defence and align, works together with government and communities to ignite Canadian novelty.”

The Canadian aerospace industry, which is the fifth biggest in the world, provides around C$25bn ($19.2bn) to the country’s economy and employed 190,000 people hindmost year.

However, Canada still lacks a cohesive strategy to state and grow its presence in the global aerospace industry.

AIAC president and CEO Jim Energetic said: “Aerospace is growing and evolving at an unprecedented rate, and Canada can’t spare to be complacent.

“New markets are opening and new players are shaping the highly competitive view.

“In a fiercely competitive global economy, Canada needs industry and domination to come together behind a focused, long-term vision and strategy for the sector. That’s why Eidolon 2025 is essential to our success.”

AIAC primarily partners with the commerce and government to develop products, services, programmes and policies to improve Canadian aerospace casts.

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