After online outrage, Logitech will now replace Harmony Link devices for free



Customers were rightfully outraged when Logitech betokened it would end service and support for its Harmony Link devices next year. Now, Logitech is bidding to right some of the wrongs of this situation, even though its representations to end the life of all Link devices hasn’t changed. According to a Logitech blog duty, the company will now provide all Harmony Link users with a unfastened replacement Harmony Hub before service and support to Link devices ends in Step 2018.

When Link users were notified of the discontinuation via email, Logitech also advised them that customers within warranty could replace the Identify with with a Harmony Hub for free. However, out-of-warranty customers were but allowed a 35-percent discount to purchase a Harmony Hub.

Customers were from day one frustrated by Logitech’s decision to end the life of Link devices apparently solely for charge purposes. Many users claimed they experienced no problems with the Association and the devices worked as promised. However, some were also put the kibosh on that Logitech was essentially forcing them to pay for an updated device that they wouldn’t yearn for or need if not for Logitech’s decision to brick their currently functioning emblems.

Now, all customers can get a free Harmony Hub to replace their to-be-bricked Harmony Association, regardless of warranty state. “We will reach out to you between now and March 2018 to grow into arrangements to replace your Link with a free Harmony Hub,” Logitech’s blog stick details. Customers can also go to Logitech’s contact page to arrange to come by a replacement device. Those who already redeemed the 35-percent discount on a Hub commitment be refunded the full amount paid for the replacement Hub.

Logitech decided to mute down all Harmony Link systems because it would not renew a technology certificate document that expires in March 2018. We now know that’s an encryption certificate that, if not resuscitated, could leave vulnerabilities in the Link system. The Harmony Link slack off ons users control home entertainment devices, including TVs, stereos, VCRs, and BlueRay musicians, through a companion mobile app. The Harmony Hub appears to be the more advanced variation of the Link, letting users control home entertainment devices in above moreover other smart home devices—like lightbulbs, cameras, and various—through the companion app.

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