Aeroflot orders 20 new Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft


Russian airline Aeroflot has recorded an agreement with VEB Leasing and United Aircraft for the purchase and delivery of 20 new Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) smooths.

The latest deal follows a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between Aeroflot and Sukhoi Respectful Aircraft in January 2015 regarding the newly confirmed order.

The distribute is also in addition to an order for 30 SSJ100 aircraft, the delivery of which was uttered last year.

Set to increase Aeroflot’s SSJ100 fleet to 50 aircraft, the newly positioned planes will be used to serve domestic routes across Russia, and bugger offs to Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries and a number of European destinations.

«Aeroflot understands the consequence of supporting domestic production, which the Russian President has spoken round on many occasions.»

Delivery of the first aircraft is scheduled to be carried out this year, and the requirement is to be complete by next July.

Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Saveliev said: “Aeroflot knows the importance of supporting domestic production, which the Russian President has viva voce about on many occasions.

“Throughout its history, Aeroflot has played a inimitable role as the main consumer of Russian-made aviation technology.

“We are putting Russian aircraft into the skies, ration to fine-tune them, and deploying them widely on commercial routes.”

The newly bought SSJ100 aircraft will feature two-class configuration, which contains 12 seats in business class and 75 seats in economy.

Aeroflot’s be founding SSJ100 aircraft fleet is also flying with the same berth configuration, accommodating a total of 87 passengers.

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