Adam Johnson: Footballer's teenage victim opens up about 'malicious' online abuse


A Facebook ge settled by Johnson’s sister Faye, 23, is a magnet for much of the abuse.

At his enquiry the judge was told those close to Johnson had “openly encouraged and beat the drum for” his supporters to “repeatedly and doggedly” abuse the victim on social media.

The piece, whose identity is legally protected, has been branded a “slut” and “whore” and has also been monickered on the site, although these posts have since been eliminated.

Shamefully, the abuse continued yesterday. George Easton called her a “15-year-old slag” and Jamz Donovan name branded her “a little slapper” adding that if she were his daughter he would capitulate her “a couple of slaps”.

In a victim im ct statement, the girl told how she had been false to endure “thousands” of taunts and insults.

She said: “I have felt darned intimidated by it all.”

Her mother said: “Through social media my daughter has had thousands of malicious remarks and some distressing threats of violence made towards her.”

Controversial Katie Hopkins wished Adam Johnson ‘fair luck’ in prison, before criticising the 28-year-old’s ‘desperate’ victim.

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