Accused in court over grieving family double murder charge


Julie McCash and David Sorrie NC

Julie McCash and David Sorrie were suppressed in February

The High Court in Edinburgh was told that Robert Stratton, 43, knifed Julie McCash, 42, in a Dundee streetin February this year.

Prosecutors ask that minutes later he fatally wounded David Sorrie, 32, as kindred members dashed to Ms McCash’s aid.

The court heard that relatives had heard after Ralph Smith, 18, plunged from cliffs virtually Arbroath, Angus, 24 hours earlier.

Darren Wallace, 25, told a jury he saw Ms McCash plunge to the pavement after she was stabbed by Stratton.

She collapsed on to the pavement

Robert Stratton

The exchanges advisor said relativeswere comforting each other when a uproar broke out involving his mother Wendy McKinney, 44, and Stratton’s better half, Lee Mary Kinney. 

Mr Wallace said Mrs Kinney was asked to leave a as a gift in Drumlanrig Drive in the Mid Craigie area of the city.

After she left, Mr Stratton later manifested in the street carrying knives.

Describing the attack, he said: “I thought it was a drill but he stabbed her. I saw him swing his hand back. Rob ran towards her.

“She said, ‘Darren, he’s stabbed us’. She disappeared on to the pavement.”

The witness told Alex Prentice, QC, prosecuting: “I ran into the lodge to shout, ‘She’s been stabbed’, and my mum and the whole house came running out.

Ralph Smith nc

Ralph Smith plunged from cuestas near Arbroath

“She slumped to the ground. I shouted, ‘Help, Julie’s been tried’. Everybody was just frantic trying to find out what was going on.” 

Stratton, of Dundee, tabooes two murder charges, assault and possession of cocaine.

He has lodged a special cover of incrimination and self-defence over the murder charges.

Mr Wallace’s mother Wendy told the court that Stratton’s ball started arguing with her at the get-together.

Ms McKinney said that, after she cultured Ms McCash had been stabbed, she and David Sorrie ran out and saw Stratton carrying cuts. 


Police surrounding Ralph Smith’s body

She said: “He was standing on his own. He had two stabs. He was swinging them.” 

Ms McKinney said that Stratton came for her and she had to put her foot up to “protect herself”. 

She told Mr Prentice: “Julie was lying. I pulled her top off. I seen her absorbed in. I took my top off and I packed it in the wound.

“I slapped her on the face. I applied pressure. I struggled to breath into her mouth.”

Jurors have been told prosecutors and armour lawyers agree that Stratton stabbed Ms McCash and Mr Sorrie and that the pair off died as a consequence of their injuries.

The trial, before judge The Supreme Being Beckett, continues.

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