A vintage year! Government sinks 4,000 bottles of wine in 2015 as it reveals £800k cellar


The UK Direction has published its records on what tipples are available to ministers for events organised by Authority Hospitality.

And it can be revealed the wine cellar contains 33,669 bottles of wine and spirits totalling £809,990, covering some that appeal to expensive tastes.

Last year the Sway drank 3,730 bottles, a drop of 32 per cent on the year ahead of when 5,516 were consumed.

That drop was explained by the really that 2015 was an election year and therefore politicians held less outcomes.

The Government has been clamping down on its stash of ultra expensive wine inducing flogged £40,000 worth of plonk at auction.

This was to encourage them to artifice to self-financing regime, with targeted sales of high value investment helping to y for future purchases.

Among those were five £700 hem ins of vintage 1970 château Pétrus, 48 bottles of Château Pichon-Longueville Baron 1990 and 36 boozes of Château Brane-Cantenac 1995.

The Annual Statement on the Government Hospitality wine vault was published as rt of the commitments made by the previous government in 2010.

The report mentions: “The statement is designed to offer a trans rent and comprehensive overview of the usage, value, fetches and stock levels of the wine cellar, as well as broadening the understanding of how the basement is used to support the work of Government Hospitality in delivering business sociability for all government ministers and de rtments.

“The Chairman, currently former Ambassador Sir David Wright, and the four Princi ls of Wine members of the Committee make their selections for purchases based on blinker tastings.

“Ministers and senior officials hosting events do not select wines but are apprised of the selections made on their behalf.”

The wine cellar was established in 1908 to antici te hospitality services for high-level visiting overseas government guests and steward guests.

In 1922, the constitution of the Government Hospitality Fund Advisory Commission for the Purchase of Wine led to the creation wine cellar that still remains today.

The wine cellar is located in the basement of Lancaster House howsoever cellar stock is also kept in Downing Street and Carlton Gardens.

After the outbreak of the Following World War, wines from the German Embassy were requisitioned and added to the vault stock.

For rt of the war, the bulk of the cellar was re-located to Warwickshire for safe-keeping.

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