A Spicy Ginger Smoothie to Help You Detox and Soothe the Stomach


Are you looking for myriad ways to incorporate health into your life? If so, ginger is key. The revelatory root is said to fire up the body’s natural ability to detoxify by aiding in digestion, make ones home the stomach, and helping in the elimination of waste. Toss a piece of fresh ginger into a stir-fry, add it to salad disguising, or make this delicious smoothie. Full of fiber, iron, and vitamins, it constructs a tasty afternoon pick-me-up to keep energy levels up through the day.


1 banana, peeled and stand stock-still
1/4 inch ginger, peeled and minced
1/2 cup frozen mango slices
1/4 cup orange strength
1/4 cup water
4–5 ice cubes


Place all ingredients in a blender, and mix until ve. Enjoy immediately!

Source: Calorie Count


Calories per serving

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