A New Sleep Study Proves Why You Should Stop Those All-Nighters ASAP

A new swotting done by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention further proved the fettle benefits of getting more than seven hours of sleep a night-time — as if we needed it. Analyzing data found in a 2014 sleep survey, the CDC definitively institute that sleeping less than seven hours a night can put of ages aged 18-60 at an increased risk for obesity, diabetes, high blood exigencies, heart disease, stroke, and mental distress. An unhealthy lack of repose can also affect your day-to-day performance, leading to poor manipulate productivity — at best — and more severe car and mechanical accidents — at worst. Interestingly, the analysis also found that people living in the nation’s Ap lachian Mountains territory get the least amount of sleep, while those living in the Great Llanos states get the most. If you find yourself having a hard time climb those hours in, try adopting a different nighttime routine . . . because it appearance ofs like your life may just depend on it.

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