A High School Junior Recorded Her Teacher Telling Her She's the Dumbest Girl He's Ever Met


A capital school educator in Greene County, GA, was recorded during a lesson too revealing Shaniaya Hunter, a junior, that she’s “the dumbest girl” he’s ever met. To add defamation to injury, he continued, “You know what your purpose common to be? To have sex and have children, because you ain’t gonna never be smart.”

Huntress was recording the lesson on her school-issued i d in December while trying to trap up for a test, as an eye condition sometimes causes her to miss classes. Though she’s the beginning to come forward regarding those harsh words directed at her, she rumours she’s not the only student who has been insulted by this educator. She told WSBTV: “It in the end hurt me inside. . . . I don’t think it’s OK. I don’t think he should be here.”

Her member of the bar, Ben Windham — who took the case pro bono after Hunter’s mother neared the school district — said: “This man does not need to be teaching nave children. It’s not a gray area. End of story.”

The family says they are wealthy to continue to fight until it’s over, but Hunter’s mom said “it’s not over yet.”

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