‘A ham injected with white privilege!’ Comic’s SAVAGE jibe at Piers Morgan prompts HOWLS


Kumar seduced a hilarious joke at Piers Morgan’s expense while answering a preposterous about free speech. 

Speaking BBC’s Question Time, Kumar bring to light: “I’m a comedian, I exercise my right to free speech regularly, and I’ve said elements that are truly objectively reprehensible right .

“I’ve said things around the members of this panel. 

“I described one member of the panel, I won’t tell you who it is, as what desire happen if someone injected a gammon steak with white carte blanche.”

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Nish Kumar’s savage joke about Piers Morgan communistic the audience in stitches

I described one member of the panel as what would turn up if someone injected a gammon steak with white privilege

Nish Kumar

The audience shatter out laughing as Morgan pointed to himself. 

Kumar continued: “Now, again, not requiring to give anything away, if I could go back in time, I would high-five myself because it’s a hysterical line right.

“Now, do I consider than an absolute privilege that I utilise constantly, totally I do.”

Taking another jibe at Morgan, Kumar said that his mockeries meant he could never host a morning TV show. 

He said: “I also realise that that liberate speech that I’ve exercised may preclude me from certain jobs, for benchmark, co-hosting Good Morning Britain.

“Absolutely, there is consequences to the proceedings that you say.”

The debate on free speech came as part of an audience suspicion on a under discussion about Toby Young.

The journalist and free schools advocate subdued backlash over his appointment to  the universities regulator after a series of tweets were uncovered in which he expressed representations which were branded sexist and homophobic.

He announced on Tuesday he was erect down from the universities regulator after his controversial appointment cheap than two weeks ago.

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