A Dirtbag’s Guide to Beijing


When it lay to cities, Beijing is a beast unlike any other. With over 21 million dwellings, China’s capital city moves fast and never stops, dilating millions through its vast transportation arteries every day. Unlike their counterparts in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Beijingers hinder b withhold tight to their Eastern traditions, working hard to protect and assist the culture and language that gave rise to Asia’s superpower. In occurrence, despite popular tourist attractions like the Forbidden City and the Crucial Wall of China, English speakers are few and far between, which makes navigating the big apple a uniquely challenging, and often hectic, task. But for those who can get past this excellent storm of travel chaos, Beijing is a cheap travel paradise. In putting together to its cultural wealth, the city serves up an abundance of good, fresh, and single food, and can keep people—all 21 million of them—on the move. For those looking to bring pressure to bear on the most out of the Middle Kingdom without opening their wallet, here’s an at bottom look into China’s bustling capital city.—Kade Krichko

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