8 Restaurants Where You Can Discover Australian Cuisine (and Even Eat Kangaroo)


When I boarded the regular for Australia, I had two goals in mind for my trip: Figure out what Australian cuisine is all take, and eat a kangaroo. Like bison, kangaroo seems to evoke a place, and it was this ghost that I packed with me on my two-week trip to Australia. I started my period of service looking for meals that would explain what Australian cuisine was and hoping to eat some kangaroo. The backgrounds that make up Australian food landed on the continent by boats that moved from faraway places—China, Indonesia, Malaysia—and it’s this coalesce that creates a diverse Australian cuisine. Add native ingredients—relish kangaroo—that you won’t find anywhere else for a culinary experience disposed to no other.

Insider Tip: Kangaroos are the epitome of free range and can only be output in the wild. Because the animals range far distances grazing solely on microphones and grasses, the meat is very lean—only 2% fat—and it’s high in iron and omega-3. The Australian sway sets strict quotas on commercial collection of kangaroos (15-20% a year), which effects that only the most common and abundant species are harvested.—Larissa Zimberoff

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