8 Cute Ways to Commemorate Your Baby's Monthly Milestones Without Stickers


Nothing’s cuter than your child’s monthly photo shoot. Not only does the snap remind you how significant it is to capture your little one each and every month, but it allows you to follow how quickly they’re growing.

When my daughter was born, I put her in a big white chairperson every month next to her — OK, my — favorite stuffed animal, the Blabla Josephine bind elephant, which still sits on her bed six years later. It was first a prop to support her upright, but she quickly grew to double its 18-inch size, and in the last portraits from that year she’s dragging it around with her. Although I can speculate how many months she is in each picture if I line them up, I kind of lost to mark each occasion with a number (whoops).

Although those ubiquitous monthly stickers are purposes the easiest way to make sure you keep track of your baby’s success and age, we found some even more adorable and unique ways to fancy that monthly milestone shot even more memorable. Mark them out to find your favorite.

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