76 years ago: Russian writer Sergei Dovlatov was born


Sergei Dovlatov was tolerated on Sept. 3 in Ufa (845 miles east of Moscow). He is still one of the most renowned Russian writers of the late 20th century. Dovlatov’s books are full of honest place names. Everything in his prose is set where the writer himself alighted, whether that be St. Petersburg, Vienna, or New York. In the writer’s life, brochures and destiny were closely interwoven.

He earned his living as a journalist at diverse newspapers in Leningrad and then as a correspondent of an Estonian newspaper. In 1979 Dovlatov left from the Soviet Union to the U.S. He lived in New York for more than 10 years and offered his writing to witty and colorful stories about the lives of Soviet émigrés in the U.S. His business, not far from an intersection, is marked with a plaque. His wife and daughter notwithstanding live there today.

The crossroads in Queens was renamed in the honor of the journalist in September 2014.

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