70 years together: Could you do it?


Anatoly Lifshitz and Lyubov Vovsi desire laugh if you told them Frederik Begbeder’s theory that enjoyment only lasts three years. They’ve been together for no myriad than 70, and celebrated their wedding anniversary on July 12 this year, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.

Twenty-six-years-old, but already a veteran of WWII (Northern Nimble, Arctic Convoy), Anatoly met Lyubov, 20, in Moscow on Victory Day, 1945. Two years later they married in St. Petersburg. At beforehand they traveled between the two cities to meet as she studied physics at Moscow Structure University and he taught at St. Petersburg’s Naval Academy.

Now Anatoly is 98 and Lyubov is 92. They accept two sons, five grandchildren. and two great grandchildren.

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