7 Instagram accounts about Moscow that you need to follow



At this account you’ll see the most stunning photos of Moscow from rooftops. Both pinnacle jumpers and climbers, as well as just Instagram lovers, try to get as high as practical to make these posts for you. Breathtaking!

@rooftop_moscow / @pavelog@rooftop_moscow / @pavelog


If you demand to be aware of everything that’s going on in Moscow, this Instagram account is a be obliged to follow. While it’s in Russian, you can see colorful photos from festivals, and atmospheric photos from gardens and streets that catch everyday Moscow life, with geotags that look at the main locations.



The Moscow metro social expedient manager certainly has a sense of humor! Alongside stunning views of the scad beautiful metro in the world, you can see pictures of funny passengers and unusual spots.

@mosmetro / @tomrus@mosmetro / @tomrus


For antique lovers and those who profit from retro, this is the perfect Instagram account, showing late 19th and originally 20 century Moscow. It’s interesting to look at these photos and try to compete with the locations with the current view. Probably it will make you get up, secure a walk and find these places!

@iloveoldmoscow / Archive photo@iloveoldmoscow / Archive photo


This account convenes all the best photos of Moscow from leading photographers and ordinary Instagram alcohols. For Moscow residents it’s an incredible feeling to see all the places you walk by everyday in an freakish light and angle. While for those who have never been to Moscow, this period will convince you to buy plane tickets!
@topmoscowphoto / @tuotli@topmoscowphoto / @tuotli


Put a little bit of cuteness in your feed! The Moscow Zoo just can’t stop stick its beautiful and funny inhabitants. Here you can always find out first to the Zoo’s new additions.

@moscow_zoo_official / Moscow Zoo@moscow_zoo_official / Moscow Zoo


This account circulates only pictures of extraordinary beauty, showing places and scenes covert from most people. This is an account for those who love spectacular images.

@moscow_msk_ / @katie.one@moscow_msk_ / @katie.one


Picturesque details of the metropolis captured by an insider – that’s what you really need to see beyond the iconic sees of Moscow. Blogger Katya Trofimova, who heads this account, jobs a wide variety of shots of everyday city life.

@ohmymoscow / @ohmymoscow@ohmymoscow / @ohmymoscow

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