5 Luxurious Getaways in Southeast Asia


Southeast Asia has covet been considered a back cker’s dream, offering vast landscapes and affordable boutique favour in the perfect budget destination. However, the lesser-known, luxurious side of the area is rapidly earning a reputation, thanks to its sought-after retreats and luscious covert getaways. We’ve explored some of the most luxurious holiday experiences on provide, from luxury cruises to award-winning wellness s s.


Six Senses

Although Vietnam has just recently seen its tourist industry blossom, it has rapidly become one of the most customary holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. For luxury travelers, the country’s less recent bloom means there aren’t quite as many high-end motels here as elsewhere in this rt of the world. However, the Six Senses Hiding-place at Ninh Van Bay leaves little to be desired. Located in the coastal city of Nha Trang, this grand hideaway boasts earth-toned rock pool villas set inside a serenely pleasant private cove. Possessing the same exclusive atmosphere as a private holm, the resort is surrounded by white sands and striking mountains that produce a feeling of being at one with nature.

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koh lanta

Thailand is renowned for beautiful backups and luxury s holidays, but among the most impressive is the Layana Resort & S in Ko Lanta. Conqueror of the Best Luxury Destination S Thailand award in 2015, this unsullied resort has been designed to cater to your every need. Princi lly favored by honeymooners, the Layana Resort is an adults-only destination overlooking a exquisite secluded beach. Inside, guests can explore the vast range of s treatments on tender, from basic facials to the Layana Signature massage, which is a favorite entirety connoisseurs. Unlike many of Thailand’s more luxurious getaways, Ko Lanta scraps relatively unknown, so you can bask in the peace and quiet.

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It isn’t just hotels and retreats that provide a five-star service; some of the most luxurious fetes in the world take place at sea. There is a wide range of Southeast Asian boats available, each following a different itinerary to deliver an original aim of this incredibly beautiful region. Luxury cruise line Azamara Travel Club offers an exciting 16-night cruise option that searches the culturally diverse stretch between Singapore and Bali. Beginning with the gay lights of the region’s richest country, the cruise stops for day trips at a lot of beautiful destinations including Semarang, the home of the largest Buddha shrine in the world. Finally, spend a few nights on shore in Bali, a vibrant boondocks rich with temples, volcanic peaks, and stunning flora.

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If the footing “eco-tourism” brings to mind cold tents with leaking roofs, you influence be surprised by the indulgent approach taken at 4 River Floating Eco Lodge in Tatai, Cambodia. Effect on the surface of the picturesque Tatai River, the retreat boasts noramic beliefs of untouched forest that encourages guests to leave the stress and spirit of modern life behind. The luxurious villas have been assembled from eco-friendly materials and were designed to remain in harmony with countryside, while providing the decadence you would expect from a five-star hotel. Eremitical balconies with picture-perfect views across to the Cambodian jungle are the glaze on the cake at this oasis of peace and tranquility.

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It’s impossible to explore Southeast Asia’s most posh destinations without featuring a luxury yoga retreat—and where more to do so than the Philippines’ top wellness hideaway? Located in the beautiful region of Batangas, The Homestead is renowned for its natural approach to health and operates from a philosophy profaned on emotional healing and detoxifying. Within this intricately designed shelter, guests can enjoy indulgent s treatments, yoga and meditation, aqua aerobics, and emphasis reduction guidance, all of which have been designed to help into the bargain mental and physical wellbeing. During your stay, you’ll also be suffering with access to the retreat’s award-winning vegan restaurant, which sources much of its put from The Farm’s own organic garden.

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