40 Sexy Photos of Scott Speedman That Make the World a Better Place


In a age of constant uncertainty, one thing we know for sure is that Scott Speedman is a marvy, gorgeous man. The 40-year-old actor first caused us to doodle his name in our sect notebooks in 1998 when he landed the role of Ben Covington on Felicity. Since then, he’s dignitary in hits like Underworld, The Strangers, and The Vow. Currently, he stars opposite Ellen Barkin on TNT’s Coarse Kingdom. But aside from his long career, Scott has kept our distinction over the years with his unfairly handsome smile, his ever-changing ringlets, and his adorable personality (did you know he placed ninth at the 1992 Olympic tests as rt of the Canadian Junior National Swim Team?). Amass reading for more photos of Scott that will make you hunger to send his mother a basket of muffins (seriously, thank you, Mary Campbell).

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