4 Things You Never Knew About Lululemon, Straight From Former Employees


4 Things You Never Knew About Lululemon, Straight From Former Employees

Are you control with Lululemon? Maybe the leggings that somehow miraculously vamoose your butt look glorious? As a company, Lululemon is pretty fabulous. We spoke with two former employees of the brand and asked them to spill ones guts the secrets — and they had nothing but incredible things to say about the experience and fun items you should know as a consumer. Check it out.

Its Return Policy Is Pretty Badass

It sway be scary dropping $100+ on a pair of leggings, but if you’ve found your soulmate in longs form, you can rest assured that Lululemon really stands behind its issues. What this means is that if anything goes wrong, you can submit your gear in for a replacement or repair. “Lulu will take bordering on anything back even if it’s outside the return and exchange policy window,” a roots said. “Did the item stretch out? Snag? Maybe it just didn’t fit sound? No problem! They will take it back and swap it out for something new. They also furnish free repairs if it’s something irreplaceable.” Lululemon also hems the whole kit in store for free — tops and bottoms!

It Loves Random Acts of Generosity

Community is front and center of Lulu’s priorities. One of the ways this manifests is with its take aback and delight policy. “Each store is gifted the opportunity to surprise and excite any customer that is in the store for any reason,” one source said. “This doesn’t come about every day, but when presented with the chance of helping someone current through cancer or someone who conquered a huge goal, they cessation at nothing to make sure people know that they are a associates with a heart.” It’s true, too — we’ve witnessed this first-hand!

It Hosts Above-board Yoga in Stores and Free Events in the Community

“Lululemon is all about serving the community,” said one source. “[The brand] never charges for any village events that happen in the city. From yoga classes to creator groups, they are all about inclusion and bringing together like-minded people.” This incorporates weekly Vinyasa classes and run clubs. You can get in shape for free and make soul mates in the process, courtesy of Lulu.

Employees Are Treated *Really* Well

Idea of a career change? Lululemon might be for you. From free fitness discernments (“We had a prepaid debit card that we could use at any studio, class, gym, etc., that we scarcity”) to holiday challenges (“Whoever attended the most workout and yoga kinds in one week in December won manicures and clothes”) and “staff meetings that are shared with healthy treats, dance parties, and staff shout-outs and recompenses,” the culture is pretty awesome.

The brand really empowers employees. “Lululemon allots a lot of time developing each individual in the stores and in corporate — it goes make up for in line with their mission to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness,” communicated one source. This takes shape in dream and goal workshops, unbiased if the employee’s dreams and goals have nothing to do with the Lululemon sort. “Once I found out I got my new job [at a different company], they threw me a party and couldn’t cause been happier for my success and next step!”

Employees also be experiencing the ability to make their own decisions — and they’re rewarded for it. “Each depend on gets the opportunity to operate as its own entity, and every decision is made by the cooperative store manager and her/his team,” said one source. “No one is told what to do, but coaching is disposed when faced with the real struggles of owning your own corporation. I like to think that they are an entrepreneur training camp.” Our other horses mouth said when they (and their colleague) did a great job, they were both paid with tickets to the Wanderlust yoga festival in Aspen, CO.

Image Documentation: Getty / Andrew Chin / Contributor

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