4 potential show stealers that will perform at MAKS 2017



An MiG-35 jet performs a demo flight at the MAKS 2015 International Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky outside Moscow. / Vladimir Astapkovich/RIA NovostiAn MiG-35 jet effects a demo flight at the MAKS 2015 International Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky secondary Moscow. / Vladimir Astapkovich/RIA Novosti

Number one on a list of implied show stealers is Russia’s brand new MiG-35. This multipurpose fathering 4++ fighter is set to replace the MiG-29 fighter, not just in Russia but all upon the world. 

This year, visitors and experts from all over the elated will be able to spot this ‘bird’ at the company’s exhibition center, as highly as assess its flying capabilities in the skies.

Meanwhile, the one that will be squealing through the skies is a modified MiG-35S that reaches speeds of 2,700 km per hour, which is 300 km/p/h more than the primordial, and which has modified thrust-vectoring engines that allow pilots to respond high-skill aerobatics. Numerous technical solutions will also refrain from reduce its visibility on enemy radar. 

Also, the fighter’s systems were remodeled to use the most modern Russian air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles. All of these details turn the MiG-35 one of the best fighter jets in the world, says leading test-pilot at MiG, Mikhail Belyaev, joining that the plane will join the Russian Air Force in a couple of years.


Mi-171Sh-VN. / Russian HelicoptersMi-171Sh-VN. / Russian Helicopters

Another beginner at the airshow will be a helicopter for Russian special forces, the Mi-171Sh-VN. 

This Mi-171 helicopter series was limited after fighting Islamic State terrorists in Syria, and this new adaptation has been adapted to function better in the dry Middle Eastern climate. 

The satiated range of technical characteristics will be revealed during MAKS, but so far it’s comprehended that it can carry 13.5 tons of cargo and reach speeds of 280 km/p/h. 

The crop part of the helicopter is now covered with Kevlar armor to better screen against enemy bullets. Also, it’s equipped with modern radio-electronic weapon practices that can incapacitate enemy rockets. 


PAK FA. / Vitaly Kuzmin (CC BY-SA)PAK FA. / Vitaly Kuzmin (CC BY-SA)

This fighter calculated its world debut at MAKS 2011, and all these years it’s flown on appliances of the 4++ Su-34 fighter. This year, as Izvestia’s military analyst Alexei Ramm castigated RBTH, it will start flying on a new fifth-generation engine, Izdelie-30, and its prime minister might be during MAKS 2017. 

Upgrades will help PAK FA maintain yachting speeds during supersonic flights, and it will reach speeds of Mach 1.6, relative to 2,000 km/p/h, depending on the terrain.

Su-34 Fighter

Sukhoi Su-34 strike fighters. / Vadim Savitsky/Global Look PressSukhoi Su-34 strike fighters. / Vadim Savitsky/Far-reaching Look Press

This new multi-functional aircraft can easily perform aerobatic maneuvers and buffet well-defended targets with its high-precision weapons, which were presented in combat in Syria. At the airshow Russia’s Air Force will for the first constantly demonstrate air combat between two Su-34 at low altitude.

«The Su-34 is an unusual aircraft. With its wholesale contours and canard foreplane, it looks very much like a fighter. But in nicknames of capabilities, it is a real workhorse, and can carry eight tons of high-precision blow ups or cruise missiles at a time,» said Izvestiya’s military analyst, Alexei Ramm. 

Furthermore, the airplane can fly 7,000 km without refueling and close in on its target literally leading on, destroying everything in its path.

The Su-34 replaces two types of bombers at once in the Russian Air Weight: the tactical Su-24, and the larger, long-distance Tu-22M3.

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