2017 Surface Pro least repairable ever; Surface Laptop is made of glue


Increase / The only way into the Surface Laptop is through the fabric. There’s no thriving back.

While it’s not a big astonish given the size and general trends when building these matters, Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop does not appear to be even remotely repairable, and the new Extrinsically Pro isn’t much better, according to iFixit.

iFixit’s pictures, as ever, distribute a great look at the insides of the two machines. The Laptop has no external screws at all; to get into the scheme, iFixit had to peel off the glued-down fabric keyboard surround, an operation that clearly can’t be undone, producing a machine that offers essentially no serviceability whatsoever. With the keyboard environs removed, the system reveals its internals, with components taped, soldered, or under other circumstances permanently affixed in place. Given how destructive one has to be to open the machine in the essential place, perhaps that’s not a big deal.

Cracking open the Surface Pro reveals a giant heatsink and four battery cells instead of the two in the Pro 4.

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