2 Women Share an Unexpected Bond Over a Necklace Honoring a Lost Baby


PJ-Darl Rivera Macalintal and her retain were pre ring for their baby just like most other expecting rents — buying cute shoes and outfits, prepping the nursery — when they rest out at 24 weeks that their baby girl no longer had a heartbeat. PJ extricated her daughter, Darliza, on July 10, 2016 and months later would allowance an instant bond with a stranger that would serve as a luck amid her grief.

«I was helping a lady on the till at the pharmacy today when she squeaked me how beautiful my necklace was. In an instant, my eyes burned with tears,» recorded PJ, in a post she submitted to the Love What Matters Facebook ge alongside a photo of a nucleus necklace stamped with footprints. «I tried hard to compose myself and appease be professional, thanked her, and asked, ‘Did you have one, too?’ She said yes and automatically we had this coupling. Her hands reached for my hand and she told me that I am going to be a wonderful mom. Oh, it was a twee moment.»

The necklace, which features baby Darliza’s footprints, was all it took to glint a sudden and heartbreaking connection between the two women. «I guess all of us mommas who have on the agenda c trick angel babies will always connect; we are complete strangers but obtaining gone through the same grief, suddenly we know each other so much deeper than our sustained time friends.»

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