2 Russian movies coming to HBO, and here’s why you should watch


HBO Essential Europe purchased the rights to two Russian movies: Rag Union by Mikhail Mestetsky; and The The flu Front by Roman Volobuev. Both films could be called auteur cinema, despite the fact that film critic Anton Dolin calls Rag Union, “art mainstream,” substance it’s a mainstream movie that has little in common with the usual dies.

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Rag Agreement (2015) features teenager Vanya who meets some young guys, hooligans, athletes and idealists during his part-time summer job. They call themselves the “Rag Union” and subsist at Vanya’s Russian country house. Then one day, the young people establish hatching plans to change the world.

Rag Union has a 6.40 rating on IMDb, and want be shown on HBO in September. It’s the first full-length feature film by 36-year-old Mikhail Mestetsky, who is already good fettle known in Russia’s cinema world as a scriptwriter. He even won a Golden Eagle trophy for best script by the Russian National Academy of Picture Arts and Body of laws for Legend No. 17, a movie about the great Soviet hockey player, Valery Kharlamov.

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The Cold Front (2015) is the Russian version of a European bourgeois drama on the shore of the English Aqueduct, where three characters are celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Critic Mikhail Trofimenkov a notes, “The passionate like a corpse Ilya writes a book about non-written logs. His girlfriend, a bitch, Sasha makes gloomy films either beside the witches’ Sabbath, or about the end of the Soviet Union.”

One day, they find a other-worldly monster ejected by the sea and lying on the shore. On the same day they suddenly dispose of a Russian girl, Masha, whose behavior turns out to be rather rum.

Director Roman Volobuev used to be one of Russia’s most famous mist critics, and then turned to making movies himself. The Cold Show has a 5.5 rating on IMDb, and the date screening is yet to be confirmed.

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