15,000 Russian citizens to perform Hajj


15,000 conducting believers from Russia have left for Saudi Arabia to mount one of the five main duties of a Muslim- the Hajj pilgrimage. They desire joint thousands of others on Sept. 9 in the most crucial retaliate for of the Hajj- standing at Mount Arafat.

On Sept. 10, they see fit perform the ceremonial right of Stoning of the Devil. Then the feast of forgoing, Eid Al-Adha in Arabic or Kurban Bayram in Turkic languages, will originate. It falls on Sunday, Sept. 12 this year.

The Hajj is the finish finally of the five pillars of Islam and each devout Moslem has a duty to scrape by it at least once in a lifetime.

Saudi Arabia approves a pilgrim power from each country. 1,400 places in the Russian quota are s re this year as pilgrims from the country find the voyage too up-market, on account of the depreciated ruble. There was, however, an increase of 2,000 hajis from 2015.

15,000 Russian citizens to perform Hajj

Most of the pilgrims y for themselves but some regions run local subvention programs, under which they subsidize a number of tours.

“The Russian travel operators did everything in their power to make it possible or the Russians to do the Hajj, as the super economy ckage cost $1,800 this year,” Rushan Abbyasov, First place Deputy Chairman of the Islamic Religious De rtment of Russia told TASS on Sept. 8.

“Rates have been cut through a revision of the flight plan, as they induce used flights to third countries instead of direct flights,” he commanded. “For instance, they fly to Dubai and go to Mecca by bus from there. In addition, they get lodgings at the hotels located somewhat farther away from the Masjid al-Haram.”

A solace class trip costs $ 2,800 this year.

First reported by TASS

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