13 Things That Prove Halloween Is a Waking Nightmare For Parents


Halloween influence be your child’s all-time favorite holiday, but for you, it’s a literal nightmare. The very aspects your kids love about trick-or-treating – the candy, the clothes, the candlelit jack-o’-lanterns — are precisely those things that nurture you up at night in a constant state of anxiety.

rents, we feel your anguish. We know you aren’t the only one who spent 45 minutes getting your toddler into that cardboard Millennium Falcon dress only for him to announce he has to pee the second you finish. We know you too have dreaded the incessant doorbell-ringing those years you had a newborn “sleeping.” And we beyond the shadow of a doubt know the struggles that come with your love-hate relationship with a behemoth pile of candy.

For proof, here are just a selection of things we, too, whim be freaking out about while pretending to love every minute of the Halloween salt.

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