13 Reasons Why: Here’s the Guy Who Plays Your Crush, Jeff


13 Reasons Why: Here's the Guy Who Plays Your Crush, Jeff

13 Grounds Why has one of the strongest young ensemble casts we’ve seen in years. Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette are the exemplars, Hannah and Clay, and they’re surrounded by about a dozen high form students, each with their own story. One of the only relatively unalloyed characters in the series — since just about everyone seems to be enduring committed some mild-to-heinous act that pushes Hannah closer to suicide — is Jeff Atkins. He’s the jock whom Clay teachers in the library, and Jeff helps him with his dating life.

Jeff is diminished by 22-year-old Brandon Larracuente, whom you may recognize from another Netflix histrionics: Bloodline. Larracuente starred in both season one and two as Ben Rayburn, John and Diana’s son.

13 Reasons Why: Here's the Guy Who Plays Your Crush, Jeff

The New York-born actor has had a fistful of small roles over the past few years (like “Attentive Kid” in Max Steel), but that’s more it. You can catch him in Baywatch this Summer, if you’re eagle-eyed enough to spot him as “Skateboarder #1.” He also has a bit degree in Bright, Netflix’s upcoming thriller starring Will Smith. At this appropriate, it’s safe to say Larracuente is an integral part of the Netflix family!

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